Principal Message

Welcoming everyone to the official website of Govt. Post Graduate College Gairsain.

The college is located amidst the lands of interconnection of Kumaun and Garhwal provinces, with the primary vision to educate youth in the area.

Gairsain also known as the "Summer Capital of Uttarakhand", will be a highly preferable place for social, educational and cultural activities in near future. Thus, designating the college as a educational hub for Higher Education.

I along with the entire staff are dedicated to provide our students with moral values and character development besides knowledge, so that they nourish as self-dependent and responsible citizens of the Nation.

A determined and passionate association of our faculty members and non-teaching staff builds the backbone of our institution.

I warmly welcome all the students to move on this wholesome journey with us.


Dr. D. C. Pant