The Department of English was created with the establishment of the College in the year
2001. English is offered at both graduate and postgraduate levels. While B.A. was started in
2001, M.A. in English was approved in 2021-22 by the University. The department has three
posts of which one post is occupied.
The English Department covers the syllabus as prescribed by Sri Dev Suman University
covering literatures in English from India, Britain, America among other countries.
The Department conducts various events like Recitation, Essay writing, Poster making,
Debating and so on such that students get exposed to global ideas. The department has
maintained a motivational and encouraging attitude to students to help them improve their
language skills in English.
Akshay Gururani has been working with Higher Education since 2015 and has served
various colleges in Uttarakhand including Government Post Graduate College, Ramnagar
and Government Post Graduate College, Dwarahat. He took his Bachelors and Masters
degrees from the University of Delhi. He has also presented a paper at the oldest University
of Scotland, St. Andrew's University, St Andrews Scotland.